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Founded in 1882, the CHRYSSAFIDIS Group of Companies
                                                 is the oldest and one of the largest suppliers of plumbing and
                                                 industrial goods in Southeastern Europe. Throughout its history,
                                                 it has been recognized by its customers for the quality and
                                                 reliability of its products and services. CHRYSSAFIDIS is
                                                 certified by TÜV NORD of Germany according to ISO 9001:2008.
                                                 CHRYSSAFIDIS has received many awards for quality, inclu-
                                                 ding the  Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce Prize of
                                                 Excellence and Tradition which was bestowed by the Greek
                                                 Minister of Finance.
                                                   Due to its large range of products, CHRYSSAFIDIS can offer
                                                 its customers one-stop shopping and complete solutions
                                                 which are tailored to client needs. CHRYSSAFIDIS supplies
                                                 industry, construction companies, shipping, trade and
                                                 commercial entities with equipment used in water, steam, food,
                                                 pharmaceutical, gas and petrochemical networks.
                                                 It supplies pipes (API, EN, DIN, SMS, 316L, 304, PP-RCT Faser
                                                 etc), fittings, valves, pressure reducers / safety valves, ball
                                                 valves, steam traps, control equipment, flanges, insulation
                                                 and other products, made of cast iron, steel, stainless steel,
                                                 bronze and plastic.

                                                   In the last few years, exports have increased substantially.
                                                 CHRYSSAFIDIS hαs stablished CHRYSMETAL in Bulgaria,
                                                 CHRYSSFORT in the F.Y. Republic of Macedonia
                                                 and CHRISSTAHL in Nigeria. By maintaining seven computeri-
                                                 zed warehouses - three in Athens, one in Salonika, one in Sofia,
                                                 one in Lagos and one in Skopje - the Group is able to provide
                                                 competitive prices and immediate delivery for most product

                                                   CHRYSSAFIDIS maintains the largest technical team in its
                                                 sector in Greece. Our engineers are trained and specialized by
                                                 areas of expertise, assisting our customers to design water,
                                                 steam, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, NG
                                                 and LPG systems. With regular on-site visits, CHRYSSAFIDIS
                                                 engineers provide customers with systematic technical and after
                                                 – sales support aiming to achieve total customer satisfaction.
                                                 For example, our specialized engineers conduct detailed steam
                                                 surveys and provide technical solutions with payback analysis.

                                                 The Group imports its products from all over the world and is the
                                                 exclusive agent/ distributor for more than  40 leading manu-
                                                 facturers.  "CHRYSSAFIDIS" attempts to ascertain,  in a systema-
                                                 tic and responsible way , the actual technical needs of its clients
                                                 and to provide the appropriate solutions and products from its
                                                 wide product portfolio.  It seeks to establish long-term rela-
                                                 tionships with its clients, based on mutual interest and trust.

           The text, illustrations and technical data in this cat-
           alogue have been compiled with great care.  Re-
           sponsibility is neither claimed nor accepted by
           Chryssafidis or its suppliers for any possible errors
           or inaccuracies.  At all times, Chryssafidis reserves
           the right to change the manufacture of any prod-
           uct or part thereof.
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